Tuesday, April 26, 2011

church and more squares

I really wish there was a square crop format. The problem is that if there is any deep item (a door way, park bench, etc) it needs to be in the center to avoid distortion (35mm isn't the best for square format) but that might not be how I want the final crop, so it's nice to have the full frame to compose with. The solution would have to be a scrolling square crop that I could move from one side to the other, which I do not foresee happening any time soon.

One nice thing is that the camera is just disappearing. I wear it around my neck whenever I leave the house, and when I want to take a photo it's seamless to operate.

I really miss lightroom. Silkypix has many of the controls that I need, but I think it's a crappy raw interpreter for x100 files, leaving them feeling soft, and I cannot get the contrast how I want, even with a full frame curve window. Also it's selective color controls aren't strong enough. The maximum settings are still too weak at times.








This one I tried something a bit different. It's an extreme crop from the center of the frame. I could already see it as very tall, with the bell tower as a silhouette. I could have zoomed with my feet, but I'd have lost the perspective of the tower, and 12mp is more than enough to crop. If printed I would need to do more work on it, but I'm happy as it is.


These rest are just happy snaps from around my house and with the family.




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