Thursday, August 18, 2011

two I missed

Two from the Pond and my last photo outing I missed uploading.

I really like the seagulls and how they add interest to the foreground, and the triangular point of the edge pointing out into the water. The railing adds some nice asymmetry.


Panoramics are so hard to appreciate on the internet, as it's impossible to appreciate their width and resolution. I really like how glassy the water was, and sharp and contrasty the reflections were. Dark trees frame bright houses with a middle valued sky.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small post

Just a few from around town. I was bicycling back from the beach and I really liked the gentle curve of the street, the yellow green of the grass, and the central church in the background.


Saw this statue behind the elderly home on my walk home from a party. I like how she sits on a little island of grass in the middle of a parking lot.


Sometimes the light and composition just makes me want to use a square. I really like the fluorescent tubes over doors, and especially when the ambient light allows it to balance so you can still see into the shadows.


The reflecting pool in front of Harpa. The sunset was really beautiful and I liked how it reflected off the building, and then both of them off the pool.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Through the neighborhood

Agust and I were taking a shortcut home through the cemetery and I thought there was a picture in one setting he stopped to read.


Many of the graves have white framing walls, and I liked the lonely pot inside this one.


Sometimes there isn't anything I can explain, just a mood.


Same with this one.


This tree is so interesting to me. Why are the branches going down so strongly?


I like the strength of this building.


The even red walls made a pattern I wanted to capture.


I love texture so much.


From the interior of the new concert hall in Reykjavik, Harpa. The glow and glossy floor are what made me want to snap.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more random thoughts

Walking around the city I see things very spontaneously, which is why I'm glad I don't have to remember to bring my camera, as it's always with me. This is the entrance to the Reykjavik Police station. I like the hideous seventies colors, but the rigid structure.


From the morning walk with Oskar, the grass blowing in the sun, and the cool shade beneath the tree trunks attracted me.


The late night sunset reflecting off the water, flowers in the foreground.


I love this one. I really want a print of it, even though Agust dislikes it. This is the view from our lower doorway, and I love the bright sunlight in the background, and cool shadows in the foreground, with lots of texture inside. The blue and green contrast also pleases me.


The morning bike ride to work with beautiful clouds and strong building lines.


I was really interested in the bright building with interesting geometry, but then I saw the walker and timed it so he ended up in the center. I like it more now.


I like the greys with sparse green of this one, the right is life and vibrant, the left is rough and unfinished.


The twin green trees behind the basketball hoop seemed very structured. I liked it enough to take several framings, one closer, which I also liked, but I feel seeing the tree tops helps the image.


This was a research shot for a later shoot that I'll post in the future, but I liked the soft shading and mood of the image.


This woman was knitting a cover for a tree. I don't like it as a photo as much as I just like it for a document.



This image was interesting for the three very icelandic iconic things. The flag in flowers, the building in the background, and sculpture to the left.


The sunset was so beautiful over the pond, that I had to grab it. This is a two image panoramic. Lots of detail, but slightly noisy full size.


Not very sure what drew me to this, but I think it was the structure and the green being lit by sunset light.