Monday, June 27, 2011

dog walk

One thing I love about the X100, is how at this point it's just always around my neck. Even when I take Oskar, our icelandic shephard, out for a morning bicycle ride (I ride the bike, he runs beside, he can't ride a bicycle).

I got this photo as we were finishing our morning ride. I love the church architecture here in Iceland, it's so different from in the US. Everything is heavy and stone, but with a flair so it doesn't seem old or boring.


This was an exercise in layers and texture. Unfortunately the camera was stuck in Jpeg mode from when I was messing with settings, and I hate editing jpegs in lightroom, they just seem so inelastic.


I love tractors.


What should have been a 10 minute bicycle ride home turned into a 45 min one, I kept seeing so many compositions I wanted to capture. I love the wooden stairway leading up to concrete construction, and the stacked pallets.


The cemetery near my house is one of my favorite places in Reykjavik. It has so many moods depending on the time of day, time of year, and weather.


Lately I have been loving houses that have cars in front that are the same color as the house is.


So many gardens around Reykjavik have interesting features. I love these little lamps. They are only about 1.75 meters tall, so they aren't short enough to be path lights, but they aren't large enough to be true lamps.




Typical day at the grocery store. Beautiful skies, gorgeous light, full parking lot.


The one open window in the middle at the top is what drew me to this image.


Quiet, simple, and hopefully peaceful.


I like that the protruding glass windows are reflecting orange sunset, but the grey of the building is more the blue of sunset, with just a tinge of the orange light hitting the left side. Plus I love the architecture of the building.






The end to a great night.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

portrait session

Since this year of shooting with only the X100, I've been doing more shoots with no lights. I don't quite like it as much as with lighting, but it's a learning experience, which is the point of the one-year one-camera one-lens exercise.

My favorite from the shoot. I deliberately front focused for that soft look I liked so much from my earlier shoot in the cemetery. With a black and white treatment and grain added, I really like the end result.

This is one where I would have really liked to have lights with, but I still like anyway:

While she was waiting for us to shoot, I saw how interesting her pose was sitting, so I asked her to move back to another spot where the background framed her better, and I layed down prone to get a low vantage point for the framing I wanted. I really like the reduced contrast from shooting into the light.


Monday, June 20, 2011

larger post

Long time with no images, but it's not that I haven't been photographing, just haven't had time to upload them.

Sunset on the way back from the clubs Friday night. This was around 2 AM.


Babysitting for a friend and her window view showed me the most amazing light.


Love the orange color, plus the one light on, one light off asymetry.


My husband being a goof, and one of the rare natural smiles I've managed to capture.


A view while waiting in the bank.


The pond again, but this time the light was soft and white, and I waited for this duck to swim further into the frame for the composition I wanted.


Sometimes just the interlocking shapes of a building make me want to capture.


Iceland has some amazing grafiti


Probably my favorite photo of the week, I am going to order a print of this:


Two ships along the harbor being worked on in drydock.


I liked the way this tree was framed by the soft ivory wall.


Icelandic construction always interests me:


These twin towers along the waterfront are very imposing and their grey lines are what tempted me.


The red on blue.


I framed up the red boat between the arch of the tractor, and I like the messy foreground with serene background.


I heard duck noises and looked down to see this small group of baby ducks.


An in camera panoramic capture from the X100.


The opera house, Harpa.


I love the habit of putting fluorescent light bars over garage doors in Iceland, and that combined with the peeling paint is what I liked.


The red on green with white window behind made me see this photo.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

random thoughts

I love how the informal nature of the X100 "allows" me to capture such mundane stuff. Sometimes it genuinely turns out to be interesting, and I've made a couple prints I'm in love with from this method.

The way the street light cast shadows on my window pane made me want to capture this.


Oskar, our dog, and Tinna, a dog we are dog-sitting, relaxing on the floor.


Back entrance to the city hall building. Love the large bricks.


Oskar, very concerned we might leave him.


Sometimes just the lines and colors make me want to photograph. These metal poles just called me to snap.


Really liked this photo. Not sure if I'm going to order a print of it or not, but I am considering it. The strong yellow of the truck, against the blue sky and the long shadow, I love it.


Sometimes I just snap out the window while driving. I have the camera set to infinity focus, f/4 and aperture priority whenever I'm out in the city, so I can just lift it and snap out the window.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The light is truly magical in Reykjavik, and especially so late in the daylight hours.

I love the texture of the concrete, and this weird little glass cabinet of plants. Very common sight in Iceland, but somehow somber and dated.


I liked all the red in this composition.


The green framing of this bench made me want to capture it.


This picture captures summer for me in Iceland. Warm sunlight, but it's still chilly out. The plants are growing, but nothing too vibrant.


Loved the yellow car in this against the grey wall.


I love detail and texture. When I can see layered texture, with pools of light and pools of dark, for not just texture but contrast? I always photograph. The plumbing pipes at the bottom are what make this for me.


Sometimes I'm not even sure why I want to capture, I just know I do.


Sunset illuminating the Halgrimskirkja, with bonus tourist also capturing further down the street.



When the house lights are all on, but the daylight hasn't fully faded, I just love the contrast of blue and shades of yellow and orange.