Monday, December 5, 2011


Winter is here! This is the main pond of downtown Reykjavik, frozen over, with two children playing a top it.


I love Christmas lights. I love even more how the X100 allows me to capture them as they seem, with keeping a high dynamic range and relatively low noise.


The red sky is bounce from the city's lights, and was a bit more orangish in real life, but I prefer this white balance for how surreal it makes the image seem.


Sometimes just layers of detail pulls me in and I can't explain why.


I really liked the fog billowing up and the purple cast to everything in this image.


Just like a painting, so many blocks of colors.


A sculpture from a famous Icelandic artist.


Another angle.


This is some kind of art installation dealing with germs and the early discovery of pasteurization, but really I just love the green glow and simple contrast between the four squares on the left on the wall, and the table with stanchion poles around it.


A lit up skyscraper at night. I like the many windows and different white balances of the lights.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

random from around town

My icelandic class took a field trip to the parliament of Iceland. I loved the interior.


A detail of Harpa, the new opera house in Iceland.


Esja is so beautiful, it's in so many of my photos.


I liked the rhythm of this photo, with the boat as a focal point.


The green on red with dripping moss and textured concrete are what pulled me in.


There was a strange orange light in the sky that I had to capture.


The purple rocks and sunset were too much to pass up.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Calm before the storm

Winter is definitely coming, but we got a small reprieve with some truly excellent weather. Didn't even need a jacket or gloves today.  I saw the beautiful clouds and the relatively smooth ocean water, and made myself stop to take a photo. The seagull in midflight and small duck at the tip of the rock outcrop were bonuses.


I saw some really amazing tiny ferns when parking my bike and had to make a quick texture study. I love the delicate pinks, yellows, and oranges in them.


At the national museum of Iceland. I really liked the stain glass, the texture of the walls on both sides, the greenish lights on the upper edges, and the smooth tile texture.


Just outside my Icelandic class. I really liked the early dawn dimness, the bright orange light and the green plants. Something somber about it, and the tree on the left edge keeps you pulled in to the right side.


Biking to delivery my baked goods, the day was really beautiful. I like the height of this building, the reflection from the sky in the glass, and the wet sidewalk in the bottom right.


This one just got me with it's simplicity. The grass was so pleasantly blowing in the wind, and the leafless bushes breaking the horizon line were interesting too.


I liked seeing this Icelandic family enjoying the day at the park. If you look at the full res, the woman is photographing the boy with an iphone, and the two children are off playing on their own.


There is so much amazing architecture in Iceland. I really love this apartment building.


I think this last one is my favorite from the photowalk, though my husband hates it (he hates anything with visible garbage). I like the one green light, the one orange light, and the relatively neutral ambient that lights everything enough to show just how green and orange these lights are. The texture of the overhang along with the green glow on it, and the mottled wetness of the sidewalk in front. There is just so much nice stuff going on. I even love the mattress poking in on the right side, and the brown bars behind it echoing the brown doors of the center.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall is fading

Fall is fading away, only a few leaves still have color. I'm still loving the weather but it's about to get really cold and snowy. Booo. From the window of my Icelandic class. I liked the neutral smooth lighting, and the melancholy feel of the plant without much color and the white curtain.


I really liked the curved arch at the top of this building.


The business of the birds all overlapping and flapping is what really drew me to this.


The texture of the grass on the bottom, the red on green contrast, and the red berries matching the house color were what made me snap this.


More fading fall colors. I also liked how the yellow leaves looked in front of the brownish house.


Europris is a budget store, and I find the idea of "thug-life" in Iceland, and especially this parking lot, extremely funny.


The smooth sunglare and bright red berries were so relaxing I had to take a photo.


There was a fog out, and I really liked what it did to the tops of the buildings. In this one I like the layers and how they get lighter the further back, but all full of texture.


So vibrant and green. Particularly the bright green leaves next to the stump.


The sunlit juicy berries on dark green tree background were too tantalizing to resist photographing.


This lonely weimaranar was so cute.


The sky colors reflecting off the lake with the duck silhouette and tree reflections gave this a nice painterly feel.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Fall colors

Sometimes the sunlight itself calls me out of the office. I saw how the sun was hitting these wooden support walls from inside my office, and walked out to get a good capture of it. I like the gravel texture in dark tones at the bottom, and the bright sunlit wood with it's own texture above.


I love the chaos, the texture, and the different tones. The line of green leaves leading in showing life, leading to a broken coffin showing death. I love the transparent glass too.


I like the zig zag of the beams with the vertical support jutting out of it. Along with all the texture of course.


The long shadows leading in to the woman photographing the goose in silhouette was too appealing, so I circled my bike around to grab a snap.


This one is really just about the colors. I like the green and red tree, along with the red and blue roofs.


I liked the blue to yellow gradient of the water, and all the birds to look at. The four swans together were really nice as well.


I really love the yellow tree next to the green tree, and the white wall to show that the colors are really this neutral, plus with a bit of texture. The one open window at the top is nice too.


I saw this bush from outside the cemetery and had to circle around so I could walk through and snap it. (I got several other good photos inside as well, so I'm glad I did). I liked the dark lines of the bush trunks in front of the low white wall, all leading up to the green and orange leaves of the top. I also love the green leaves with red berries in the background.


This one I just liked the green fern in front of the bust.


For this one, a friend's photo inspired me to line up something to be completely vertical in it's line. I liked this bush and it's colors, and that it was boxed into this wall, and I wanted to separate it from the background. I love the delicate orange in the leaves, and the blurry yellow bush in the background.


On this, I loved the yellow leaves on dark bark, and the line of the trunk seemed very gestural. I thought the yellow leaves moving in and out of the focus plane gives it some depth as well.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here

I love fall. The changing leaf colors is probably my favorite aspect, but the crisp air with sun is definitely the other half of it. I was walking through a parking lot and saw how beautiful the sun was raking through this bush, and I liked how I got orange and red and green all in one. I also like how the lushness of the leaves contrasts with the hard texture of the concrete.


It was a truly beautiful day. The long shadows falling across this pathway made me stop and snap.


These leaf color patterns are really pleasing to me. I think I might have to do some prints where they are both next to each other in a single frame. (the last one)


I love the contrast in this image. Lots of deep dark colors and bright areas, but with color too, even on an overcast day. The car paint has lots of nice shades of green in it.


I posted a night shot of this same scene before, but I really liked it in the daylight as well.


The mountain was really beautiful with the sun shining on it, but I've taken so many photos of Esja that I needed something more to make me like it. I was filling my car with gas when I saw these runners, and I liked the white arrow within the composition. Glad I had my camera slung around my neck.


I liked the soft lighting on the building, and how solid it looked.


When walking down the sidewalk and I looked to my right, I saw these bright red bushes and had to walk over to get a snap.


I like the layers and color in this image. There is a lot of depth and different types of textures, from the strong green with vertical lines of the cargo containers, to the red sign of the repair shop, the blue car on the right, then the beautiful mountain in the background. I also like the contrast of the layers, grungy repair shop in front, untouched nature in back.