Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small post

Just a few from around town. I was bicycling back from the beach and I really liked the gentle curve of the street, the yellow green of the grass, and the central church in the background.


Saw this statue behind the elderly home on my walk home from a party. I like how she sits on a little island of grass in the middle of a parking lot.


Sometimes the light and composition just makes me want to use a square. I really like the fluorescent tubes over doors, and especially when the ambient light allows it to balance so you can still see into the shadows.


The reflecting pool in front of Harpa. The sunset was really beautiful and I liked how it reflected off the building, and then both of them off the pool.



  1. Ben, really like the first & last images!

  2. Great shots from a camera that you hear about much. Thanks for showing

  3. Thanks you two. I really do love the ability to record life around me.