Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Fall colors

Sometimes the sunlight itself calls me out of the office. I saw how the sun was hitting these wooden support walls from inside my office, and walked out to get a good capture of it. I like the gravel texture in dark tones at the bottom, and the bright sunlit wood with it's own texture above.


I love the chaos, the texture, and the different tones. The line of green leaves leading in showing life, leading to a broken coffin showing death. I love the transparent glass too.


I like the zig zag of the beams with the vertical support jutting out of it. Along with all the texture of course.


The long shadows leading in to the woman photographing the goose in silhouette was too appealing, so I circled my bike around to grab a snap.


This one is really just about the colors. I like the green and red tree, along with the red and blue roofs.


I liked the blue to yellow gradient of the water, and all the birds to look at. The four swans together were really nice as well.


I really love the yellow tree next to the green tree, and the white wall to show that the colors are really this neutral, plus with a bit of texture. The one open window at the top is nice too.


I saw this bush from outside the cemetery and had to circle around so I could walk through and snap it. (I got several other good photos inside as well, so I'm glad I did). I liked the dark lines of the bush trunks in front of the low white wall, all leading up to the green and orange leaves of the top. I also love the green leaves with red berries in the background.


This one I just liked the green fern in front of the bust.


For this one, a friend's photo inspired me to line up something to be completely vertical in it's line. I liked this bush and it's colors, and that it was boxed into this wall, and I wanted to separate it from the background. I love the delicate orange in the leaves, and the blurry yellow bush in the background.


On this, I loved the yellow leaves on dark bark, and the line of the trunk seemed very gestural. I thought the yellow leaves moving in and out of the focus plane gives it some depth as well.


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