Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here

I love fall. The changing leaf colors is probably my favorite aspect, but the crisp air with sun is definitely the other half of it. I was walking through a parking lot and saw how beautiful the sun was raking through this bush, and I liked how I got orange and red and green all in one. I also like how the lushness of the leaves contrasts with the hard texture of the concrete.


It was a truly beautiful day. The long shadows falling across this pathway made me stop and snap.


These leaf color patterns are really pleasing to me. I think I might have to do some prints where they are both next to each other in a single frame. (the last one)


I love the contrast in this image. Lots of deep dark colors and bright areas, but with color too, even on an overcast day. The car paint has lots of nice shades of green in it.


I posted a night shot of this same scene before, but I really liked it in the daylight as well.


The mountain was really beautiful with the sun shining on it, but I've taken so many photos of Esja that I needed something more to make me like it. I was filling my car with gas when I saw these runners, and I liked the white arrow within the composition. Glad I had my camera slung around my neck.


I liked the soft lighting on the building, and how solid it looked.


When walking down the sidewalk and I looked to my right, I saw these bright red bushes and had to walk over to get a snap.


I like the layers and color in this image. There is a lot of depth and different types of textures, from the strong green with vertical lines of the cargo containers, to the red sign of the repair shop, the blue car on the right, then the beautiful mountain in the background. I also like the contrast of the layers, grungy repair shop in front, untouched nature in back.


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