Monday, May 16, 2011

buildings and food

I might try something different and give a brief reason for each photo and what made me want to capture it.

The reds and greens in this scene made me want to capture it. It had something somber going on.


This is the quintessential Icelandic scene; the candy wall. Every theatre, grocery store, and gas station has a candy wall for you to put together "Blandi Pokka" (mixed bag). Adults and children alike enjoy this. Most of the candy has licorice in it.


This is a shot of a dish I made recently, shrimp pad thai with tons of chili and peanuts. I love egg noodles. I normally photograph most of the food I prepare, but more for sharing purposes with friends on facebook. I thought there was something really pleasing about this image for a wider audience.


This building seemed to have a presence. I liked the red bottom to it also.


I liked the contrast between the rocks at the bottom, the corrugated steel, and then the blue textured door. I also liked the strong diagonal of the roof.


This one had so much texture and various lines going on. I loved it. It had a very dilapidated feel while still being structured. As a side note this shows how much dynamic range the X100 can record. The clouds clipped just the smallest amount, but the building was very dark, I had to pull it up a lot in post to keep the exposure correct.


A two person submarine? sign me up!


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