Monday, May 30, 2011

Reykjavik in the evening

When most people hear that Iceland has periods of almost completely dark days (at the shortest, daylight is only 2 hours long in the winter) they imagine what their city would be like if it were dark so much, which is indeed normally a depressing thought. But Iceland has "grown up" this way, so all the architecture works with the periods of dark. Tons of windows, with light pouring out everywhere. I really love it, and while I thought I would mind the short days, it's not really something I notice much.

Fortunately/unfortunately, the X100 turns twilight into daytime with it's superb high ISO performance, so you don't really get the full feeling of the dark yet light evening, but these were a few that caught my eye.

I love this spiral staircase within a glass cylinder.


Windows, lights, and rooftop balconies.


I really just love most buildings in Reykjavik.


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