Monday, July 4, 2011

Photo walk

A friend from my husband's workplace asked if I wanted to do a photowalk, and it'd been forever since I've done one of those. Delayed it till after off my crutches, but we finally made it out. This is a small park near downtown Reykjavik, and lots of rabbits live there from being released back when they were all the rage as pets (and then quickly fell out of favor)

Also there is Lupine! This beautiful blue flower. Fields of it. I liked how it just seemed to recede into forever in this image.


This is probably my favorite photo of the trip, and I think I'll order a print of it. I love the initial sunlit depth, then the flatness of the tree foliage, then if you keep looking, some volume emerges.


Lupine in the front, forest in the midground, mountains in the back. Love it.


There was a small stream flowing through, and several small islands of plant life. I really liked how the sunlight glints off the water, and that there is just a tiny bit of visible detail in the shadow. Really captures the feel of how nice a day it was.


An in-camera panorama from the highest point. Was a really beautiful view.


I like how the stream leads you through this scene, and visually adds some depth. I also like how three dimensional all the greenery looks.


This one is all about the path, and the motion it moves your eye through and in.


I saw this image from far away, and had to trot over to capture it. I love the light reflecting off the dull shine of the bench, and the sun pouring in from behind. It really adds depth and light.


This one was one of the last ones captured on the way back to the car. I thought the bare rock poking out, combined with the Lupine, would make for a great square, and the sky had so much texture. I really like this both for it's graphical qualities, and the recognizable features.


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