Monday, June 27, 2011

dog walk

One thing I love about the X100, is how at this point it's just always around my neck. Even when I take Oskar, our icelandic shephard, out for a morning bicycle ride (I ride the bike, he runs beside, he can't ride a bicycle).

I got this photo as we were finishing our morning ride. I love the church architecture here in Iceland, it's so different from in the US. Everything is heavy and stone, but with a flair so it doesn't seem old or boring.


This was an exercise in layers and texture. Unfortunately the camera was stuck in Jpeg mode from when I was messing with settings, and I hate editing jpegs in lightroom, they just seem so inelastic.


I love tractors.


What should have been a 10 minute bicycle ride home turned into a 45 min one, I kept seeing so many compositions I wanted to capture. I love the wooden stairway leading up to concrete construction, and the stacked pallets.


The cemetery near my house is one of my favorite places in Reykjavik. It has so many moods depending on the time of day, time of year, and weather.


Lately I have been loving houses that have cars in front that are the same color as the house is.


So many gardens around Reykjavik have interesting features. I love these little lamps. They are only about 1.75 meters tall, so they aren't short enough to be path lights, but they aren't large enough to be true lamps.




Typical day at the grocery store. Beautiful skies, gorgeous light, full parking lot.


The one open window in the middle at the top is what drew me to this image.


Quiet, simple, and hopefully peaceful.


I like that the protruding glass windows are reflecting orange sunset, but the grey of the building is more the blue of sunset, with just a tinge of the orange light hitting the left side. Plus I love the architecture of the building.






The end to a great night.



  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts about why you took them - so now I will look at things differently.


  2. Thank you! This is an exercise in seeing for myself also. Before this year long project I did not look around very much, now I am always absorbing the city unless I'm dead-tired.

  3. Can I ask a question? I apologize if it's been answered already. Why are all your pictures from the X100 square?

  4. No problem Ben. Not all of them are in square format, but the type of photos I've been attracted to lately have been square in composition. Mostly because I see a "thing" or a scene, and it's attractive to my eye as a very central subject, and the square crop works well for that. Other times the photos are an exercise in composition or pattern or shape, and I feel like a square has a nice flattening affect to make the shapes more viewable as shapes, rather than as a traditional "scene".