Tuesday, June 7, 2011

random thoughts

I love how the informal nature of the X100 "allows" me to capture such mundane stuff. Sometimes it genuinely turns out to be interesting, and I've made a couple prints I'm in love with from this method.

The way the street light cast shadows on my window pane made me want to capture this.


Oskar, our dog, and Tinna, a dog we are dog-sitting, relaxing on the floor.


Back entrance to the city hall building. Love the large bricks.


Oskar, very concerned we might leave him.


Sometimes just the lines and colors make me want to photograph. These metal poles just called me to snap.


Really liked this photo. Not sure if I'm going to order a print of it or not, but I am considering it. The strong yellow of the truck, against the blue sky and the long shadow, I love it.


Sometimes I just snap out the window while driving. I have the camera set to infinity focus, f/4 and aperture priority whenever I'm out in the city, so I can just lift it and snap out the window.


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