Monday, September 19, 2011

Evening Ride

More from random spots around Reykjavik. This first is my favorite, I am going to get a 40x40cm print of it. I love the texture, and the green leaves contrasting with the red. This was growing on a neighbor's wall, right behind their garbage can area. I stopped my bike and leaned over the wall to frame it. The roots of the Ivy are what really make it for me, putting the most visual texture in the uncolored area. Otherwise it would be too homogeneous with the leaf colors.


This one wasn't as successful as I'd like, but the thing that grabbed me was the soft wash of light of the setting sun, making this path look like a good area to walk down. It was nestled between a frame of tree leaves, beckoning you to enter.


This one I liked the gradient in the sky, the yellow full moon, and the green and muddy red texture of the foreground hills. In post processing I made it so the hills had a lot more contrast for depth.


The beautiful color of this house, and how the late evening light washed over it was enough for this photo to entice me.


This little house had so much texture, and I liked the blue and red colors.


I saw this truck while bicycling by and had to circle around. Texture just calls out to me, especially in combination with a strong color. The truck was parked on a slant, making the perspective of the background a bit weird. Just look at those scratches! I also like how the back of the truck forms a strong foundation at the bottom of the image, going completely across it.


Just a random building. I liked the white contrasting with dark grey and the way the sun cut across it.


Downtown, the halgrimskirkja. Every time I pass this intersection it feels photogenic to me. I like how the car coming down the street lights it up from the wetness of the street. The low blue lighting also makes me happy.


God-rays always make me stop and stare, and I liked the haziness of the horizon.


Blue and green themes always make me happy, especially when they are subtle and natural. This is actually a sewage treatment outlet, but I like the soft graduated grassy hill, the dark concrete, and soft sky.


The door to a hotel. I like the brassy metal, the holy wall, and the reflections off the glass. Also the little lamps on the ceiling.


The middle of Tjordninn (the pond) behind city hall. The soft sky pattern, and the numerous seagulls on the island in the middle were the focus of this image.


View from my back yard looking up. Green, red and blue. :-)


The house across the street has trees that are changing color, and I really liked the framing and texture of all those colors and surfaces.


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