Friday, September 23, 2011


We had a really intense rainbow the other day I managed to capture a few photos of that I like. This one is an extreme crop, but I wanted just the trees with the brightest part of the rainbow emerging.


This one is from right in front of my house and is a stitch of 3 images to get the full arch of the rainbow in. I love the dark clouds but sunlit foreground, especially since the leaves are changing color. It makes it so there is color in the foreground and sky.


Seems I am on a color kick. I was walking to the grocery store for some snacks (shows just how you can never know when a photo opportunity will show up) and this bush had so much color, but the lighting was very flat, which meant I could capture it almost like a painting, just pools of color. I edited in post to really bring out the different hues.


It's not really the composition of this that makes me happy, just the lighting itself. Sunny and crisp, my favorite combination.


This is my dog Oskar, he's Icelandic. Every morning he gets let out to pee and poop in the little square of dirt behind him. I love how the light filters through the greenery in this corner, I feel like it's very photogenic for a poop spot. I like that you can see his breath as well, it shows the temperature was a bit chilly.


This is the police department of Reykjavik. The back parking lot is surrounded by a fence of metal bars. I realized shooting through it would give me a very cliche analogy of jail so I did. :-)


Just a skyscraper. I love reflections, repeating geometry and straight lines.


The composition of this one pleases me. I also like the small construction worker on top of the containers having the same color on his clothing as the crane.


Sunlit foreground with stormy clouds always makes for nice lighting, but combined with the yellowing birch from the cold weather, and the red university library behind and I wanted this photo.


One from the dog walk. I like the heavy green top, the vertical silver bars, then the silver box in the center with stickers and details to draw the eye.


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