Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September photos

Had a bit of time where not much was drawing my eye, in addition to being really busy and my bike rides were a blur rather than me looking around. Finally forced myself to find a photo, any photo, and the first one I saw isn't here on the blog cause it was horrible, but it still got me looking around again, just the spur I needed.

The concert hall needed sidewalks across the road, and here in Iceland they make them out of patterned bricks layed on top of tamped sand, no mortar, no poured concrete. I had been following the progress, but this morning there was a dog laying on it while they worked! It was just too funny not to photograph. I love how he's just laying there while they work around him.


Sometimes it's purely the light that makes me want to photograph. I loved the back lighting of this small island of grass, and how it sits under the dark pine tree.


This was grown from a tiny cutting my husband placed below this drain pipe. It was originally just 2 small leaves on a tiny stem. I liked how the dappled sunlight lay across it, and the vibrant green contrasting with the metal pipe.


This is the police department. It's boring and dull, and the drizzly day makes it more so, but I liked the power of the structure and the rhythm of the window pattern.


I truly love this photo, it's my favorite of the batch. So many textures and details and colors. It's of an ugly construction site, sure, but there is so much to look at, and so much vibrating inside it. I'd really love a print of this, but Ágúst thinks it's hideous. :-)


This broken tile on the ground gave me an excuse for texture.


Someone took advantage of this knot in the wood to make a face and shoulders attached. I liked how it looked with the skyscraper behind, as a pseudo hat.


The simplicity of this scene, coupled with the radioactive red contrasting with the green moss made me capture it.


The heavy clouds above with contrasting light in the clouds of the distance, combined with the see through skyscraper, made me stop bicycling to work and climb a small hill to capture this. It's an extreme crop, but for a websized jpeg it's still a reduction from the original 12mp file.


Sometimes just the sunlight color bouncing off of buildings is enough to engage my eye, but I really like the car headlights filling the otherwise dark tree line, right at the focus point of the perspective.


This final shot is a panoramic from 2 images, and I love it. I'm going to have a large canvas print made of this for our living room, since it's so bright and will help to open the room and make it feel sunny even in the long dark winter months here in Iceland.


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